Margaret J. Osler (1942-2010)

University of Calgary historian of science Margaret (Maggie) Osler sadly passed away yesterday in a Calgary hospice, from a serious stroke following an earlier diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in July. Her new book on the Scientific Revolution, Reconfiguring the World: Nature, God and human understanding from the Middle Ages to Early Modern Europe, was just released by The Johns Hopkins University Press.

She will truly be missed by the HPS community. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

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  1. Jai Virdi says:

    I read a paper of hers back when I was an undergrad. So sad to hear of her passing.


  2. Thony C. says:

    The two volumes that she edited, Atoms, pneuma and tranquility (1991) and Rethinking the Scientific Revolution (2000) were both very influential in my own HOS development.


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