A series of buttons showing a man in a suit with a perplexed face, holding his chin. Around him are text of various deafness cures, including flying cure, diet, it's all mental.

Giveaway Contest!

At long last, my first book will be published! Hearing Happiness: Deafness Cures in History will be published by the University of Chicago Press and available in May 2020.


Through lyrical history and personal memoir, this book raises pivotal questions about deafness in American society and the endless quest for a cure. Taking us from the 1860s up to the present, Hearing Happiness outlines the long history of curious cures: hearing trumpets, violet-ray apparatuses, pneumomassages, electrotherapy machines, airplane diving, bloodletting, skull hammering, and many more. Hundreds of procedures and products have promised grand miracles but always failed to deliver—a legacy that is still present in contemporary biomedicine, as newer surgical advancements, hearing aid implantation technologies, and genetic engineering continue to push forward the notion that deafness is a condition to be cured, even if deaf people themselves don’t necessarily want a cure.

This book could not have been written without you, Dear Reader. Thank you for enjoying my posts over the years and for your support for From the Hands of Quacks. This little blog corner of mine has come a long way and I look forward to finally having more time to continue writing here!

As a thank you, I’ve decided to launch a series of giveaway contests over the next few months. Simply pre-order Hearing Happiness from where ever books are sold or request a copy for your public library, then complete this google form: https://forms.gle/Zq8Cxq98UKE1pDJ98

buttons.jpgThe first contest is for the first 100 pre-orders: you’ll get a chance to win a limited edition retro hearing aid advertisement button designed by me.

All entries will also be added for a chance to win this grand prize: a retro button, a 1950s Zenith Hearing Aid, a mug with their name in ASL, one (1) copy of another University of Chicago Press book of their choice under $40 (USD), and a personalized note from me. All entries will also be included for chances to win more prizes.

The giveaway closes on May 1, 2020. Be sure to subscribe to the fromthehandsofquacks.com to receive updates on more contests! Just click the ” + MORE” (plus button) on the top right hand corner of the main page.

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