The Giant’s Shoulders #27

The September carnival is now up over at Entertaining Research! Thanks for adding me and I would like to officially welcome fellow Toronto Blog Collective (TBC) bloggers Aaron, Jon, and The Bubble Chamber to their first inclusion into the carnival! Welcome and congrats!  Oh yes, this means the pressure for all TBC bloggers and HPS bloggers across the ‘net is on. Why?

Because the next edition of The Giant’s Shoulders will be hosted in Toronto, by yours truly 😀

Edition #28’s broad theme will be on visuals and representation in the history and philosophy of science, technology, and medicine. What that means, it’s up to you, dear Readers and Bloggers, to figure out. Send all interesting, provocative, thoughtful, crazy, silly..etc…posts either personally to me at, or through the Blog Carnival site.

Thanks, Entertaining Research and I’m looking forward to hosting my first carnival!

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