• Giant’s Shoulders #34: The Existentialist Edition

    First off, my apologies in the delay in publishing this edition. As I mentioned on Twitter, I’ve been ill and pretty much bedridden; and unlike the wonderful Sasha, my two dogs Lucy and Gizmo are too lazy and would rather curl up and sleep beside me than take upon my duties. A few weeks ago,… Continue Reading

  • VISUALS & REPRESENTATIONS: Giant’s Shoulders #28

    VISUALIZING SCIENCE David Bressan discusses the value of scientific caricatures,especially those by English geologist Henry De la Beche (1796-1855), in both revealing and teaching aspects of the history of geology. Michael Barton also discusses cartoons and caricatures representing Darwin of evolution (in its various forms). He remarks on how evolution was used as a means to comment on society… Continue Reading

  • Carnival!

    Send in your posts! Visuals and Representations! Science in History! History of Science! Anything goes!!! Send via jaipreetvirdi@gmail.com, or through the Blog Carnival site. The 28th Edition of The Giant’s Shoulders will be up on Sat. October 16.

  • The Giant’s Shoulders #27

    The September carnival is now up over at Entertaining Research! Thanks for adding me and I would like to officially welcome fellow Toronto Blog Collective (TBC) bloggers Aaron, Jon, and The Bubble Chamber to their first inclusion into the carnival! Welcome and congrats!  Oh yes, this means the pressure for all TBC bloggers and HPS bloggers across the ‘net… Continue Reading

  • The Giant’s Shoulders #26

    This month’s carnival focuses on a topic dear to my heart–Fools, Frauds, and FAILURES! Hosted by scicurious, the carnival contains a great collection of blog posts around the web, including two of mine, “Trust in Quacks,” and “Deafness as Discourse.” Thanks again for including me! Go on, Dear Reader, head over to the carnival and… Continue Reading

  • The Giant’s Shoulders #25

    The 25th edition of The Giant’s Shoulders–a special 2nd anniversary edition!–is up over at The Dispersal of Darwin. Thanks for mentioning two of my posts. Go on, Dear Reader–check it out!