Plagiarism or Paraphrase?

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John Cunningham Saunders’ An Anatomy of the Human Ear (1806):

The first disease of the middle part of the Ear which I shall endeavor to investigate, is the puriform discharge from the Tympanum. The disease is ichorous, sometimes tinged with blood, and imparts a yellow color to a silver instrument. This disease is attended with a loss of hearing proportionate to the injury which the machine of the Tympanum has sustained, and the sense is variously impaired from the slightest degree up to total deafness.

John Harrison Curtis’ A Treatise on the Physiology and Diseases of the Ear (1817):

The first disease of the tympanum is that named, from it’s leading symptom, it’s “Puriform Discharge,” which has been accurately and minutely described by Mr. Saunders. The appearance of this discharge is ichorous, and it is sometimes tinged with blood;–if a silver instrument is stained with it, it will turn a yellow color. A loss of hearing naturally attends this disease; and the degree of this loss is proportioned to the injury the machine of the part suffers–in some cases amounting to total deafness.

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  1. jamonation says:

    A citation would be nice, and perhaps a bit more varied verbiage.. but I’ve seen much worse at U of T 😦


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