The Toronto Blog Collective (via Ether Wave Propaganda)

Will Thomas at EtherWave Propoganda has categorized me, along with my fellow peers at IHPST, as part of the new “Toronto Blog Collective” and encourages us to make the most of our time in the spotlight.  Thanks for your cautionary advice, Will. Indeed, there is a great wave of interest in blogging in our department, and I suspect a large part of it has to do with us (finally!) finding a firm footing in our research and striving towards building our future careers. Blogging provides us with a forum to not only express and share our research and thoughts on HPS issues, but also to communicate with academia on similar issues.

History of Science departments have a record of abject failure when it comes to maintaining a thriving presence in online discussion.  University of Pennsylvania’s Logan Lounge was a pioneering departmental effort, but soon sank into posting semesterly updates of upcoming colloquia, and, after 2008, stopped doing even that.  The University of Minnesota program has also given it a go, but never got things going very well (I expect more from my hom … Read More

via Ether Wave Propaganda

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