The Proprietor

Correspondence in The Lancet, 1852:

Sir–I am about to ask two questions which I believe you will not answer, and I shall even be surprised if the note which contains them is permitted to find a place in your columns. My first question is this:—“Is it true that Yearsley, the aurist, is the proprietor of the ‘London and Provincial Medical Directory,’ a work which honours the homeopathic quacks with so many titles and distinctions and of a trashy paper occasionally published and gratuitously distributed amongst the profession!!!” If this be true, I would then ask—“Why have you concealed such a fact (for you must have been acquainted with it) from the knowledge of the profession!” Answers to these two questions would be satisfactory to me, as well as to many of my professional brethren; but I confess I do not expect to derive any consolation from my inquiries. If it be true that Yearsley is the proprietor of the Medical Directory in which the homoepathic delinquents receive such honourable notoriety, nothing further needs to be amid on the subject.

I am, Sir, your obedient Servant,

A Surgeon.

The Lancet printed a response to the two questions below the letter:

(1) Response–Yes, Yearsley is the proprietor of Med Dir & of “trashing paper”

(2) we consider ourselves neither bound to “conceal” nor reveal the name of the proprietor of a Medical Directory which had bestowed so many “titles and distinctions” upon the quacks…

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