Cures of all Kinds

Breathing into the ear to relieve deafness (19th Century)
From: The Magnetic and Botanic Family Physician.
By: D Younger
Published: E. W. Allen.London 1887

An ear cleaner at work; by an unnamed Dehli painter, commissioned by Colonel
James Skinner. Watercolour 1825 (Delhi)

The surgeon Capiomont stitching the ear of general Oudinot at the battle of Wagram, 1809. Watercolour by F. Pils.

An operator making an incision behind the ear of a seated patient, two assistants restraining the patient, and six other people in the room. Oil painting attributed to Joachim van den Heuvel.

An operator extracting “pierres de tête” from behind a man’s ear, with four other people in attendance. Oil painting by a follower of Pieter Jansz. Quast.

All images from Wellcome Collection.

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