Ode to the Newly Appointed Aurist

AURIST! no sinecure in thine,
Millions on thee their hopes recline
In anxious expectations.
For if thy skill (and may it thrive!)
The R____’s patriot ear revive
Thou sav’st a sinking nation.

And wond’rous will thy nostrum prove,
If it the Royal ill remove—
All others have miscarried:
Address oblique, remonstrance plain,
petition urgent–but in vain–
His deafness all had parried.

The civic Aurists lately tried
Their skills, and all their art applied
With labour perserving;
But with “surprise and deep regret,”
They left their patient, in a pet,
Extremely hard of hearing.

Aurist! the fatal film remove!
And would’st thou claim thy master’s love,
And own him for thy debtor,
Instruct him how, and when, and what,
‘Tis fit a Prince should hear–if not,
The less he hears the better.

-Anonymous, 1817


An ode to John Harrison Curtis, appointed as Royal Aurist to the Prince Regent, later King George IV.

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