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Recently, a friend of mine asked me for some suggestions for scholarly literature on medical pluralism, the medical marketplace, and the “world of goods” of early modern Europe. I’m always a fan of reading lists, so I thought I’d share with you the list I provided. By no means is this a complete list (i.e. it only contains books, not scholarly articles) and I’m sure there are other wonderful sources I’ve omitted…but feel free to drop a suggestion or two in the comments section!

John Brewer & Roy Porter (ed.), Consumption and the World of Goods (1993)

Laurence Brockliss & Colin Jones , The Medical World of Early Modern France (1997)

Robert Bud, Bernard Finn & Helmuth Trischler (eds.), Manifesting Medicine: Bodies and Machines (1996)

W.F. Bynum, Science and the Practice of Medicine in the Nineteenth Century (2004)

Lisa Cartwright, Screening the Body: Tracing Medicine’s Visual Culture (1995)

Harold J. Cook, Matters of Exchange: Commerce, Medicine, and Science in the Dutch Golden Age (2007)

Audrey B. Davis, Medicine and its Technology: an Introduction to the history of Medical Instrumentation (1981)

Anne Digby, Making a Medical Living: Doctors and Patients in the English Market for Medicine, 1720-1911 (1994)

David Gentilcore, Medical Charlatanism in Early Modern Italy (2006)

Mark S. Jenner & Patrick Wallis, Medicine and the Market in England and its Colonies, c.1450-c.1850 (2007)

John Kirkup, The Evolution of Surgical Instruments: An Illustrated History from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century (2006)

Christopher J. Lawrence (ed.), Medical Theory, Surgical Practice: Studies in The History of Surgery (1992)

Neil McKendrick, John Brewer & John H. Plumb, The Birth of a Consumer Society: The Commercialization of Eighteenth-Century England (1982)

Margaret Pelling, Medical Conflicts in Early Modern London: Patronage, Physicians, and Irregular Practitioners, 1550-1640 (2003)

Jeanne. M. Peterson, The Medical Profession in Mid-Victorian London (1978)

John V. Pickstone (ed.), Medical Innovations in Historical Perspective (1992)

John V. Pickstone, Ways of Knowing: A New history of Science, Technology, and Medicine (2001)

Roy Porter, Quacks: Fakers and Charlatans in English Medicine (2001)

Gianna Pomata, Contracting a Cure: Patients, Healers, and the Law in Early Modern Bologna (1998)

Stanley Joel Reiser, Medicine and the Reign of Technology (1978)

Pamela H. Smith & Paula Findlen (eds.), Merchants and Marvels: Commerce, Science, and Art in Early Modern Europe (2002)

Carsten Timmermann & Julie Anderson (eds.), Devices and Designs: Medical Technologies in Historical Perspective (2006)

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  1. Thony C. says:

    That’s a really cool list. It would be even cooler if you annotated it!


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