History of Science & Medicine Blogs: UPDATE

It seems that I’ve missed countless of amazing history of science and medicine blogs on the blogsphere, either because they slipped my mind, or I wasn’t aware of them. Thanks to all who commented/emailed/chatted with me and directed my attention to these wonderful blogs.

Rather than doing another long post (although I’m sure I’ll do one later), I’ve expanded my blogroll. Scroll down my blog, and you’ll see a whole bunch of links to History of Science, History of Medicine, and other interesting blogs. I’m also adding another widget for links to valuable online resources on history of medicine–I’ll update as I go along. If you have another blog or resource to share, by all means, please leave a comment and I’ll update the blogroll.

Once again, thanks to you all for sharing! I really appreciate it.

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  2. jaivirdi says:

    Great list, Michael!
    Thanks for sharing. I’ve emailed you with a request.


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